Friday, July 24, 2009

Darryl's Patriotic Birthday Quilt

Darryl loves our country, and loves patriotic themes, so I designed this quilt using the star from one of the Buggy Barn quilt books.

I wanted to incorporate the red, white and blue from our country's flag.

The backing for the quilt reflects the blue and white star theme.

Little Aliens

This is the first quilt that I made to be quilted on my new Statler Stitcher. I made these twin quilts for Jonas' bunk beds, using the Turning Twenty pattern.

I designed and quilted two of the panels, one with a space shuttle . . .

and the other with three comic aliens.

You can see the fun quilt designs even better on the back of the quilt.

Jonas loves outer space, and these quilts gave him just the right touch in his room.

Jessica's HB Quilt

I love these bright colors with the white. I also really like the friendship star pattern. These beautiful fabrics went very well together to create this queen sized quilt for my daughter, Jessica.

Janzaberry and the Teeny Tiny are enjoying snuggling in the quilt!

I love the look of this quilt. The stars are a little bit bigger than I thought they would be, but I still love it.

I love the striped borders. These Kalidoscope fabrics by Mark Lipinski are so beautiful!